Forget the Frailty!

Frailty a curse,
Banality sabotages,
The heart and mind,
Reduces you into a bundle of nerves!
You feel irked,
The tongue turns vapid!
The muscles cramp,
The bones are drained off its mucus,
The energy oozes!
You feel dizzy,
You feel dwindled!
Yet you need to restrain the ailments,
Kill the instincts!
Eradicate the foundation,
Revive the pinkness!
The radiance spreads its glow today,
The citizens have assembled,
Listen to the doctrines of the demi gods!
They preach the sermons,
Humble your heart!
You wake up from your deep slumber,
Feel the fragrant touch of a good constitution,
Elated you are!
Blessed you are!
The priorities have changed,
A perfect choice appears,
Your awareness,
Your health of tomorrow!
The pandemic has changed the equation-
spelt the disaster story!
Ruined the mind,
Broke the corporeal!
The dance of death,
Masked: the existence!
Yet the story is not lost,
The fight continues,
The surrender succumbs,
The globe manages to celebrate today,
Amid every odd,
Amid every speculation,
Amid every blunder!!