The lights are on,
The camera pans,
The expanded glued palms,
Adds mobility ,
The booms dangle from the cotton- ceiling,
The actors on the rostrum enact!
A play,
Scripted by the author,
The sparkling dialogues,
Make the hair stand on skin!
Yet unaware of the truth,
That flows through the fresh veins of body-
Speaks of the reality,
Happening everyday-
To rejoice,
To dismay,
To dejection!
The road diverges ,
Between the woods of tomorrow,
Prepared by the Lord,
Teaches us something eternal!
Sends to this earth,
For deeds and destiny!
Life comes to a full circle,
We leave for the origin ,
At the feet of the Preserver,
Who rests on the serpentine bed,
Showers the blessings,
Restrains the world with the thread,
Unwrapped from his holy finger!
The sky is tinged –
Red and orange mingle,
The aves fly back to their shadowy cotes,
Unknown of the tomorrow’s sunshine!
The voices pierce the eardrums,
Mingle with the echoes of the soul!
Life doesn’t stop,
The theatrical radiance still disperses,
The actors walk in, walk out,
The audience laugh aloud,
Shed tears burning the tender skin,
Grin too!
The show gets over,
They leave the hall,
Prepare for the very next moment!
Simply uncertain,
Simply unknown,
Simply unpredictable!