We may not believe in luck. But we ought to believe in our actions which eventually yield results, either fair or foul! Our actions never go in vain. The impact may not be seen or experienced at that very spot, but with the passage of time things take a different turn and you have to count the cost beyond any doubt!

The real story takes us back to more than a decade ago, when a young girl named Sabnam , resident of  a remote village fell in love with a guy of the same place. Sabnam obtained her Masters in English and Geography, while her lover could not even qualify the fifth standards examination. But ‘love is blind’, as always asserted by the generations. Sabnam’s family vehemently opposed this. They could imagine in the wildest of their dreams that Sabnam would tie her wedding knot with such a guy! Gradually storm brewed up in the chalice. Time ripened. A terrible scheme was going to be hatched! And on a fateful night Sabnam and her lover slaughtered the whole family. Their bodies were chopped into pieces and the story of grim reality spread across the borders and barriers! The whole world was shocked by their heinous crime. It seemed as if the whole universe came to a halt. And justice was a far fetched story! But justice may be delayed, never denied!!
After so many years Sabnam has been prosecuted and sentenced to death. Preparations are high for her execution! The apex court as well as the President of the nation has rejected her plea! Capital Punishment is supposed to be awarded to her in one of the cells of Mathura. She is the first woman of our ‘Independent Nation’ who is going to be executed shortly! After all the Lord above never pardons you for your ill acts. He just waits for the right time to award you the ‘best’ punishment. Thomas Hardy, the eminent Victorian novelist was right when he uttered, “You get what you deserve”, believe it or not!!