The Challenge

How dared you taste my blood?
And poured venom into my lungs, my heart, my stomach and my veins?
You formless structure or structureless form!
The tiny, malicious, motionless virus of macabre, cunning instincts –
So stubborn and vicious!
So arrogant and determined!
Thirsty for life, blood, lungs and human cells—
You dared attack me with full force, impetuous rage, power and zeal!
But I am much more stubborn than you –
God’s child I am! Unfortunately, you are just the Satan’s offspring;
An air bubble, a fluid, a curse on earth —
So you attacked me and I resisted you!
So you tried to eat up my lungs and I challenged you!
So you ravaged me, ruined me, tormented me and I smiled at you!
So you became much restless for my life and I pacified you.
And you and your progeny just proved to be inefficient,
Bloody creatures – bloodless but blood thirsty bastards!
You were born, no! not born, but thrown into the earth.
And we, the human warriors are God’s creation.
You are, after all, nothing! just nothing, but a fluid! A vapour!
A rolling cloud of eternal gloom! And eternal mist – dense and dark!
And then the battle began!
Doctors, nurses, health workers wearing PPE kits, with needles,
Saline bottles, vitamins, antibiotics, pulse-oxymeter empowered me
With a new life –
The more you tried to eat up my lungs;
The more they empowered my lungs
With more blood, more oxygen —
Blood pumped into my lungs – my blood – red, pure, warm blood
Of my purest self –
Blood pumped into my heart, blood pumped through my veins,
And then like the phoenix I rose up again –
I got a new lease of life given to me by human warriors and God!
The fiery soul of mine became too much fiery and enough
Powerful to turn you into ashes, into nothingness!
My purified blood, my empowered self and my divine body
Turned you, O Virus! into an air bubble –
An insignificant element that was born out of God’s curse,
God’s anger and out of Satan’s lustful instincts!
And as my beating heart and powerful lungs
Threw you out of my veins and cells –
You! You nothingness! You just vanished away!
And I survived.
COVID-19, you are just a temptation!
But I am no more a sinner –
I am again my God’s Angel;
And I am calm again –
You came to possess my body and then to defeat me!
But I have become the warrior again.