Aching uprooted trees
No more dancing by the salty breeze
Scattered helpless straw roofs
Lying upon the earth like dead defeated troops
Countless broken tiles….
I see spreading miles and miles
Watery and muddy paths
I see turning into ditches by the windy wraths
Twisted nests….
Lost all their guests
Poor broken houses
Weeping in woe for the incurable losses
The sea no more roars afar
The wind is no more swift to bring down the stormy stars
Only the skulls of human beings…
Still uncared and unburied by the coastal stream
The hungry, pale, frightened and sleepless faces
Waiting in hope to have a grain of pieces
The dawn and the morn…
Walking with The frowns
The twilight and the night…
I see passing without love and light
Only the promises…
Whimpering in the empty Sky
Whimpering in the empty Sky