Mourjya Sengupta (7 years) Class III Don Bosco Park Circus

The Horror ATM

One day at midnight a boy named Gopal went to an ATM near his house. He wanted some money urgently because his mother was ill. He entered the ATM. When he tried to collect the cash someone patted on his back. He turned around. But no one was there.
He thought it was his mistake. Again he tried to collect cash from the machine. Same thing happened again. Now he was very scared. He called the security guard. The guard was sleeping and did not pay any attention to him. Gopal requested the guard to come with him but the guard did not come.
Gopal went in front of the machine and again tried to collect the cash. Some uncanny thing happened.
Now he ran to the security guard but there was no guard at all. The guard had disappeared. The lights were switched off and he heard a loud laugh.
He was so scared that he forgot to collect the cash and ran away from there.
Then he went to the police station and sought help from the Inspector. The Inspector came with Gopal to that ATM where everything was now normal and the guard was there.
Gopal was surprised. The inspector said Gopal not to worry and went back to his jeep. Gopal was alone in the ATM now and suddenly the guard started to laugh in the same way what Gopal heard before.
Mourjya Sengupta (7 years)
Class III
Don Bosco Park Circus