Of Poetry Sessions and Connecting over Continents

In the sweltering summer afternoons and after a hard week’s labour, some of the poetry sessions across continents do create wonders. It is about reading, only the reading that counts, that slice and sharing of experiences that become liberated and get associated with our daily lives. Often the poems remain as fresh nuggets from the pages of personal history, and at other times, the right to delivery, speech, act, performing poetry may also be refreshing as giving an outlet to the best moments of learning and living.
Poetry revitalizes the soul and also finalizes the rekindling of the spirit. It is one of those ways by which you can create sheer enigma in knowing more about your creative eye. You can see, you can watch, you can observe. And in some of the best possible ways, you can also enhance the tone of your lifelong learning with the finalization of the best parts of poetry. It is a route to love, life, mirroring of new stories and creating untold ideas that need new ways of generation.
This Sunday Talks also, we bring some of the best creative presentations in forms of thoughts, essays, quote-poems and poetry that binds.
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Keep writing!

Sreetanwi Chakraborty